Why Field Hockey?

Field hockey gives your team a boost thanks to the required individual and collective skills that come with it. The most important are : emotional control, physical endurance, perseverance and clear communication. During a hockey game there is no time to send e-mails, neither the time for an extensive consultation. You need to make the right decision in a flesh. The result is immediate and the satisfaction even greater.

Why Nicos & Partners?

N&P believes in every individual. Each person is different and has stronger and weaker points. The trick is to help all individuals to develop themselves, taking into account their various capabilities. In this way they are an added value to your team. And this development is our specialty.

Nicolas Renaer : Trainer & Coach

Assistant coach Belgian National Team Boys (2002-2004)
U.S.A.  Men champion field hockey (2005)
Member of the staff of U.S.A. Men National Team (2005)
Assistant coach Belgian National Team Girls (2006-2009)
Video analyst of the Belgian National Men Team in preparation for the Olympics (2008)
Supervisor off the Girls sign at Hockey Club Braxgata (2008-2013)
Responsible off Vrijbroek Hockey club (2013-2014)
Responsible off Victory Hockey Club U14-U19 (2014-2015)
Dames 1 assistant Coach Leuven Hockey Club (2015-)

Nicolas Renaer: Player

Belgian champion with Antwerp HC
3x Belgian vice-champion with KHC Leuven
2x Belgian Cup winner with KHC Leuveen
Champion & Vice-champion of the European Cup B with KHC Leuven
Top 16 (No.7) in EHL with Antwerp HC
Champion of California Cup (USA) with Cougars
Belgian Vice-champion indoor hockey with Oree HC

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